Geochron logo Geochron Laboratories has been providing high quality isotopic analyses to geological and archaeological communities for more than thirty years. Established in 1960 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Geochron was the first laboratory to provide both potassium-argon age determinations and stable isotope ratio analyses on a commercial basis. Our analytical services also include radiocarbon age determinations as well as other radiometric analyses and we remain a world leader in these and all our services.

Geochron's facilities are housed in a single building with an area of 11,000 square feet and include:

  1. Radiocarbon laboratory with preparation equipment for the conversion of carbon in various types of samples to an appropriate counting medium, and both gas proportional counters and a Quantulus liquid scintillation counter for precise 14C activity measurement. We also can arrange for 14C analysis by accelerator mass spectrometry.

  2. Stable isotope laboratory with various preparation lines and two VG Micromass gas source stable isotope ratio mass spectrometers for analyzing nitrogen, sulfur, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen isotopes on a variety of materials.

  3. Tritium laboratory with distillation equipment and a Quantulus liquid scintillation counter for determining tritium activity in water samples by direct counting.

A staff directory and list of analytical services are provided on this site. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss in more detail the nature of your research and samples. We will help you decide which analyses are most appropriate for your research and advise you on sample selection, sample size, and shipping guidelines.

For more detailed information on the topics in this web site, we recommend the book Principles of Isotope Geology, 2nd edition, by Gunter Faure, published by John Wiley & Sons, 1986.

In Memoriam
- Harold W. Krueger -
(1935 - 1997)

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