We provide the following solid source analyses:


Cost per Sample

Sr Isotope Analyses

87Sr/86Sr (better than 30 ppm)


87Sr/86Sr (ultra high precision, better than 20 ppm)


Sr content by isotope dilution mass spectrometry


Crushing and homogenization to -100 mesh


Mineral separation (includes crushing)


HF digestion (as required for silicates, etc.)



Rb-Sr Age Determinations

Rb-Sr dating or each point on a Rb-Sr isochron


Mineral separation if required



Pb Isotope Analyses

Pb isotopes in galena, sulfides, soils (excluding hydrocarbons)*


Pb isotopes in archaeological alloys (metallic)


Pb isotopes in total rock Pb, feldspars, etc.


* for analysis of hydrocarbons, call for details.


U-Pb Isotope Analyses

U-Pb dating of refractory minerals (each point on a Concordia diagram with air abrasion of minerals)


Mineral separation and preparation



Sm-Nd Isotope Analyses

Whole rock or minerals for construction of an isochron (per point - a minimum of three points is needed)


143Nd/144Nd isotopes in geologic samples


Mineral separation and preparation


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